Pokemon Sword and Shield Starter Leak

When picking a starter Pokemon, what do you consider? Some consider the stats each Pokemon has and can potentially have. Others judge by type advantages. There are the few that pick their starter Pokemon based on how cute it is, and lastly you have the group of Pokemon trainers that decide based on the evolution chain. That being said, one thing about Sword and Shield we don’t know is the evolutionary chains for the starter Pokemon. Sure, they are cute, and you know their stats will be suited perfectly for their play style and move set. But to choose type advantage, you’d have to know the final typing of the evolutionary chain.

How do you mentally prepare for the game ahead? Easy, you research!

Many of the newest generation Pokemon have yet to be revealed, well, almost all of them actually. Although, you can still study fan theories and leaks. No worries, we are sure that there will be a game completion released within a couple days and a guide shortly to follow that.

But, how do you go off leaks and fan theories? By studying reliable sources and social posting sites, of course! What are leaks? They are information that is obtained by data mining or companies making the mistake to reveal content accidentally.

Trusting leaks is like believing rumors though, and should be taken with a grain of salt. Even the most reliable sources get bad information on occasion. Having said that, we can get down to the nitty gritty of why you decided to read.

It took long enough, we know. (complaints welcome in the comment section).

Sword and Shield Starter Leaks have begun to flood out of the wood works. One of the most common leaks come from sources that accurately provided leaks to the same game in the past. These leaks involve the evolutionary chains of the three starters: Scorbunny, Sobble, and Grookey.



The leak states that its final evolutionary chain is a giant gorilla that bases its attack off a drum. Sounds a little Donkey Kongish to us. Any further information is unknown at this time.


Sobble Pokemon

Evolving into Sizzile, then Intelleon, this Pokemon becomes ‘Spy-themed’. Mysterious and enticing if we do say so ourselves. At the moment, it’s believed to be a single type (water) Pokemon.



This is a dead horse if it is true. Evolving into Raboot, this Pokemon will be able to learn fighting moves.

Something to note in these leaks is that there is supposedly a legendary Pokemon that isn’t a featured mascot of the generation. No other solid information is given, but according to some rumors it’s the ‘evil’ legendary.

With these leaks announced, it brings a little hope to the starter’s potential. Though the leaks don’t hold all the information we desire, they are still helpful. However, we fell it’s worth noting that these leaks do come from 4Chan. For those of you that don’t know, there is a lot of false leaks and information spread on 4Chan. But the leaker has been accurate in the past.

Who are you going to choose to start with, if this leak is true?