Pokemon Fan Theories Part 3

Our third installment of the Pokémon fan theories has finally arrived. If you haven’t yet, check out Part 1 and Part 2 . Be sure to comment on your thoughts about the articles. Some of these theories are actually quite dark and add a viewpoint of the Pokémon world in a way you didn’t think you could view it.

Below we have provided some Pokémon theories that we have come across in our research. We do not own, nor did we create these theories. All credit should go to the minds of those who thought them up.

Voltorb’s Existence Explained

As you know, there are some Pokémon that don’t look like typical Pokémon. Voltorb and Electrode being two examples. Similar to Pokéballs, one wonders how they came to grow looking like that. Well, one fan theory suggests that Voltorb is actually Haunter.

Haunter can only evolve by trade, but Pokémon can choose to resist the evolution if they are not ready to change. What if during the trade, Haunter decides to possess the Pokéball it lives inside to prevent its evolution but instead it forms an all new life form. It is an explosive theory that does make since.

Your Dad is Always There

In the game, you are a 10-year-old protagonist that ventures out to become the very best Pokémon trainer you can be. However, one wonders where the protagonist’s father is hiding. The mother never mentions the deadbeat that left for a pack of cigarettes and lottery ticket years earlier, but what if he isn’t truly gone?

In every gym you go to, there is the helpful gym guide (Same guy every time) that gives you encouragement to bring down the gym leader.

What if that was your father, following your journey and trying to be there for you as much as he can? Well this is an actual Pokémon game fan theory. The theory states that the man felt guilty for abandoning his wife and child. When he catches wind that his son is now a trainer, his parental instinct drives him to overlook his journey.

Maybe you will think twice before passing him up from now on. Maybe you should stop and say hello from time to time.

A Second War?

This is a personal fan theory that we did have a part in creating. What if the games and Pokémon series is actually more warped than you thought? Instead of becoming Pokémon trainers, people are being trained in combat using Pokémon to prepare them for another great Pokémon war that is on the horizon. Strengthening the battle skills, and Pokémon teams the trainers develop, the elite four seek for the best of the best to add to their ranks for domination over the Pokémon universe in a second Pokémon war.

We hope you enjoyed these Pokémon theories, maybe they will make you look at the Pokémon games a bit different, or maybe the television series will now be a darker place for you to go. Either way, we want to know what you think. Let us know below and thank you for reading!