Legendary Doesnt Mean Only One

When you think of legendary Pokémon, what comes to mind? Rare, hard to obtain powerful beasts that no one else could ever possess? Well you would be wrong. Though in the games, you are naturally only given one chance to catch the legendary Pokémon that cross your path (with the exception of most roaming Pokémon). In the television series and movies, it is made overly clear that there are multiples of each legendary Pokémon depending on which region you are in. We will leave the exception being the legendary dogs given their circumstance of creation.

Legendary Pokémon Aren’t Solo

Supporting evidence in this is the multiple appearances of Zapdos, Moltres, and Articuno in the television series and movies. Lugia is also shown to have children swimming the ocean with it. Also, there are Pokémon that are considered legendary without the official title, but that is for a different article. If legendary Pokémon were meant to be only one per universe, then in the Pokémon games you wouldn’t be able to trade for a second Articuno, not sure why you would need a second one anyway.

What happens when a legendary Pokémon dies?

There are theories about this that involve a phoenix like rebirth, children growing up, and even the God of Pokémon Arceus creating a new legendary of the deceased. Arceus is said to be the Pokémon God, pretty much, creating Rhydon and all the other Pokémon of the world. So, when a legendary Pokémon is captured or killed, it restores balance by creating a new one to take its place. It is a nice theory. Maybe that is why Ash keeps running into these legendary birds after 20 years, while still being 10 years old himself.

Anyway, that is our informative article of legendary Pokémon not being alone in this world. We mean really, they would get lonely if they were the only ones. Would Arceus really allow that kind of pain?

Let us know what you have to say about legendary Pokémon. Thank you for reading.