Common Mistakes Made in Pokemon

Since the Pokemon games released, millions of people have found themselves wanting to be the very best trainer. However, as kids, we find ourselves playing the game very poorly. Making silly and common mistakes along the way during our journey.

As kids, we didn’t know any better. Now that we are all grown up, we see the error of our ways and now we laugh at the mistakes we made during our journey. So, in this article we are going to name our top 5 Pokemon mistakes that we made in the Pokemon games.

#5 Teaching Multiple Moves of the Same type

We have all done it, thinking our Charizard was best equipped with an all fire move set. Just because it is fire though, doesn’t mean it needs ember, flamethrower, fire blast, and fire spin. This is actually the most common mistake made by younger players who don’t know what coverage moves are.

#4 Poor Saving Habits

This is a common mistake that covers a vast range of mishaps among younger players. Some younger players don’t realize or know how to save the game, and so they play till they must shut it off leaving the game to start over when they turn it back on.

More focused on this mistake is not saving before a legendary battle or a member of the elite four. Knowing how to save is important, knowing when to save is the key to true victory.

#3 Party Setup and Level

Another vague mistake that covers a lot of ground is a poor party setup. Using multiples of the same types, only using starters, or grinding to be way over leveled for an area are common mistakes made by younger players.

There have been some instances where players try to use an under leveled, freshly caught Pokemon in a gym battle, only to struggle for the win. Not strategizing your Pokemon team for any conditions is a common mistake, although for kids it is understandable that they use what they like and play the way they want. Us as adults just think more with logic than joy anymore.

#2 Misuse of the Master Ball

Though this is a mistake we think all of us have made, it only makes it to the number 2 slot because of the seriousness of the number 1 mistake. However, the misuse of the master ball is a cringe worthy mistake we look back on. Not knowing you only get one or using it by mistake on a Zubat is painful. Not realizing it was best for roaming legendary Pokemon is also painful.

#1 Knocking Out Shiny Pokemon

Enough said. Shiny Pokemon are not glitches.

There you have it, the 5 most common mistakes made in the Pokemon games. Join us next time for a new exciting article on the vast Pokéverse. Let us know what you think and thank you for reading.