Last week we did a piece talking about the darker moments surrounded the Pokemon series and Pokemon games. We discussed how much death is actually implemented in Pokemon and how the creators decided to not hold back for the children. But, because there are so many dark moments in the Pokemon series, we decided to bring you part 2 of the dark moments in Pokemon.

After reading, comment what your thoughts are and share with your friends. We hope you enjoy these dark moments, don’t let them ruin your love for the Pokemon franchise.

Guns in Pokemon

In a banned episode of Pokemon, Ash and the gang find themselves visiting the safari zone. Episode number 035 was banned from American airing due to its use of gun violence. The warden of the Safari Zone not only points a gun to Ash’s head, but shoots at Team Rocket. This left major holes in following episodes due to Ash catching 30 Tauros in the episode that are later referenced in the Pokemon series. This also eliminated the Safari Zone from the series in America.

Misty Should have Died


This is no joke or fan theory, when Ash asks aid from Haunter in his quest to defeat the psychic gym leader Sabrina, he scans a Haunter with the Pokédex. Part of the entry stated that Haunter steals the life of humans that it licks, and it blatantly licks Misty’s face. A surrounding fan theory is that she goes away in the series to die alone which is why she doesn’t make much of a presence in the Pokemon series anymore.

Slowpoke Tailsslowpoke

In both the Pokemon series, and the Pokemon games, Team Rocket take over the Slowpoke well in order to harvest their tails for selling. How do they harvest these tails? By cutting them off living Slowpoke. It is safe to assume not every poor Slowpoke survived this action, also by the Pokemon series’ logic they are unable to evolve at this point.

Legendary Dogs, Roasted?roasting-on-an-open-flame

Yet another dark moment the revolves around death in the Pokemon series and Pokemon games, the legendary dogs. The legend states that three unnamed Pokemon died in a fire of the tower, but they was resurrected by Ho-Oh and given legendary status.

We hope that you enjoyed these dark moments of Pokemon, and we would love to hear what you have to think about these moments. Also, what do you think is the darkest moment in Pokemon history? Let us know below.