Top 5 Best Flying Pokemon

Being one of the essential Pokemon types to have in your party for the longest time, flying is still an underrated Pokemon type. Mostly used as a fly slave in the older games, flying has a lot of strengths against bug, fighting, grass, and if you have the right flier, you can dish out some severe damage as well. So, in honor of the flying typing, we have written this article to list some of the best flying types throughout the Pokemon games.


1. Aerodactyl



Finally, we come to our number 1 best flying Pokemon. Aerodactyl makes number one for its typing. Rock/Flying makes this Pokemon a very versatile powerhouse. Abilities that bring ice and electricity to their knees, this Pokemon can cover a lot of its own weaknesses. On top of which, its defense is really high giving it an advantage over physical attackers.

2. Dragonite



It was either Dragonite or Charizard. Dragonite made it to this list, however, for its pseudo legendary status. Yes, we know that Dragonite is a dragon, but it has a secondary typing is flying. Though it doesn’t need much explanation as to why this is one of the best flying Pokemon, it isn’t our number 1 spot.

3. Staraptor



Staraptor is the first Pokemon we could ever say beats Pidgeot hands down. Learning a destructive force of a move, Close Combat, this Pokemon also has some of the best attack stats that flying types usually have. It looks cool as hell too.

4. Crobat



Introduced in Gen 2 of the Pokemon games, this Pokemon turns one of the weakest Pokemon in the game to a poisonous powerhouse of speed and attack. Many people think this Pokemon is just as weak as its evolutionary chain, however, this is by far one of the top 5 flying type Pokemon.


5. Pidgeot



Starting with the gen 1 option, you catch its pre-evolved from early in the game and it eventually grows to become a powerhouse. Though it’s flying competitors are strong, Pidgeot seems to match or beat them in speed and power for the first couple of generations.

There you have it, our top 5 best flying Pokemon from the Pokemon games. Though there are a lot of good flying type Pokemon, these are just our opinions on the best flying Pokemon. Who do you think is the best flying type, and why?