Are you one of the many fans that has awaited the implementation of Team Rocket into Pokémon Go? You’re not alone, there are many that have waited since the game first launched. The expectation was to be on a scale of some invasion style event that would give players more to do, making the game more interesting, and not so dead. The good news is, the day has finally arrived where Team Rocket is added to the Pokémon Go universe – just not as expected.

Added with the Valentine’s Day update, rather than the duo appearing to cause trouble, and make it double, it’s simply a new way to entice players to spend their PokéCoins. Although, if you buy into this feature, you get to become a ‘Team Rocket member’ yourself. Sounds great, right? Well, many are not happy with the way they brought Team Rocket in.

So, far as options go you can choose between the Rainbow Rocket or classic black/red outfits. Oh, and you buy the outfit in pieces:

  • Gloves: 50 PokéCoins
  • Hat: 100 PokéCoins
  • Boots: 200 PokéCoins
  • Pants: 200 PokéCoins
  • Shirt: 400 PokéCoins

Total: 950 PokéCoins per outfit (roughly $10).

There’s still the optional villainous mask that you can use your PokéCoins to buy, which is not included in the above list.

With Niantic implementing Team Rocket as another ‘spend your coins ‘gimmick’ it does not seem they have plans of having an interactive Team Rocket within the game. Until further notice, it seems they will continue what they are doing, making the game fully based around catching wild Pokémon, PvP and raids without the introduction of NPCs.

Do you think Niantic is doing a good job, or is Pokémon Go lacking because they have not added any NPCs for in-game interaction? Share your comments below.