Have you ever just been sitting around, wondering what some people would pay to support their love for Pokémon? Well, we had that exact thought and it caused us to do some extensive research into some of the prices of Pokémon merchandise. From Pokémon games, to Pokémon themed jewelry, you can find just about anything stamped with a Pikachu or Charizard. Some of it interesting, some of it silly, but all of it expensive, this is a list of the most expensive Pokémon merchandise on the market.

Pokémon Cards

The TCG (Trading Card Game) is almost as old as the Pokémon company itself, because of this you can only imagine that there are some rare Pokémon cards that have hit the market. However, rare doesn’t always mean expensive. Let’s face it, one of the honorable mentions for most expensive cards is a Magikarp.

To avoid a load of filler, we are going to jump right into the meat of the article. The Second most expensive Pokémon card of our mentions isn’t hardly a card. This 24K Gold Pikachu card was created, and plaqued, as a celebration for the 20th anniversary for the TCG. This card sells anywhere from $2000 -$10,000 depending on where you are looking to buy and how lucky you are in eBay bids.

Though the most expensive card is not crafted from pure gold, it is however crafted by fan art. The Illustrator Pikachu card was drawn out by a fan for a contest held a good while back. To avoid the history lesson, the card itself is holding an insane value of $55K to $100,000 dollars. That is beyond insane, but it is a fact.

Pokémon Games

When it comes down to Pokémon merchandise, the Pokémon games are what a lot of people instantly think about. In order to relive the glory days of Pokémon, some people are willing to pay 3 to 4 times the original price for certain games. This is insane, because we can remember when Pokémon red was in the $20 bin at Walmart.

Speaking of Pokémon Red, an unopened and sealed Red will now sell for $340-$1000 dollars online. Mind you, the higher end price tags are in mint condition. Still makes you wonder who would be buying this? I understand collectors are the primary target, however, who buys a video game without the intentions of playing it.

Another high-priced Pokémon game is Pokémon Yellow. This Pikachu favoring fan favorite runs for $300-$1000 dollars online. However, Pokémon Crystal is priced a bit higher with a starting price at $800 dollars. This is especially crazy because of the fact you can now buy Crystal on the 3DS in its original format.

Pokémon Jewelry

Lastly, we come to the juicy bits of the article, where we discuss the most expensive Pokémon merchandise that we could find in our research. Starting in second place, we have a Pikachu themed watch that was crafted by Romain Jerome. This watch sports a yellow band with Pikachu as the background of the time piece. This watch is a solid $20,000 dollars, and is cheap in comparison to the most expensive Pokémon merchandise.

Coming in as the most expensive Pokémon merchandise is a different watch made by R.J (Romain Jerome), known as the Tourbillion Pokémon Watch. This watch features many different Pokémon on the time piece, black band, and a price set for a king. This watch is worth $258,000 dollars. Makes the 20K watch look affordable. Who would drop the payment of a small house to buy a watch? A wealthy collector for sure, what we do know is that this merchandise is definitely outrageously priced.

From Cards to jewelry, you have learned about some of the most expensive merchandise that Pokémon has to offer. Now mind you that these are not the only expensive items on the internet for Pokémon, and there may be much more expensive merchandise than the watches that we didn’t find in our research. What do you think? Would you pay a small fortune for some memorabilia? Let us know below.