Every Pokéfan has played at least one of the video games, and those who have usually invest a lot of time and effort into being the very best. However, eventually you are in need of a little extra to enjoy the game to its fullest. So how do you reignite that feeling of adventure in your Pokémon game? Simple, you set out and try to accomplish one of the Pokémon challenges that some of the fans have created for the Pokémon games. This article was made to educate you on some of these challenges, enjoy.

Master Aspects Besides Battle

This is a simplistic challenge that can grant some of the seasoned veterans a challenge. Since the release of Gen 2, you have been able to decorate your Pokémon. However, in Gen 3 and one of the Pokémon games, the function of competitions outside of Pokémon battles were presented. Tackling the mini games and trying to master the ribbons, battle arenas, and other aspects outside of the main story line can give you a more focused plan of action in the game.

Specific Team Challenge

This can prove to add a bit of challenge to all aspects of the game. Using only specific types, or breeds of Pokémon throughout the game can make you rethink strategies and move sets to complete the game. This is a difficult challenge to use only normal types, limiting type advantages, rock type to increase certain elemental incoming damage, or even poison type to stall battle your opponents into submission. This play style almost encourages you to EV train your Pokémon for general play.


Filling your Pokédex is one of the most basic aspects of every Pokémon game. It requires patience, strategy, and friends to fully finish catching them all. However, this provides a well needed challenge to the Pokémon games. This Pokémon challenge, though basic, is a great way to set a goal for yourself to follow through with.

No Poke Center Challenge

This challenge makes the game so much more difficult and forces you to choose your Pokémon and moves wisely. Swapping your feinted Pokémon out for freshly caught Pokémon and relying solely on potions to survive. Running out of PP is a major problem and using third party heals is typically frowned upon.

The Nuzlocke Challenge

By far the most difficult challenge in the game, the nuzlocke Pokémon challenge goes like this. You are only allowed to catch the first Pokémon you run into in each area, when a Pokémon feints, you must release it. This challenge forces you to rethink all your strategies and plan every battle much more intently to win. Also, there is an unspoken rule of the Nuzlocke Pokémon challenge, you must nickname each Pokémon.

There you have it, the top Pokémon challenges for the Pokémon games. They will not only give you a new outlook on some of the older games, but they will make you think and press further into other areas to survive and become the number 1 Pokémon master. Thank you for reading, now get out there and catch’em all. Also, if you have any Pokémon challenges that you wish to share, make sure to let us and all the readers know so we can enjoy your creativity with a used-up game.