Keep in mind this list of movies is based off our opinion and may not particularly be the views of you, the reader. With that being said, there has been several movies made about everyone’s favorite protagonist Ash Ketchum and his journey through the world of Pokémon. Not all the movies made were good, some of them were actually quite horrible and a waste of time. The stories were cliché and the plot just felt like it fell off somewhere when the opening credits began to run. However, there are a few good movies out there, and we decided to make a top-3 list to show you what we believe are the best Pokémon movies. There may be minor spoilers in the mini reviews given…

SPOILER ALERT… Possibly – We figure most of you have seen these movies as kids.

3. Pokémon: The First Movie (Mewtwo Strikes Back)


This movie takes place in the midst of Ash’s journey to be the best, the very best there ever was. First, the movie offered a mini movie of Pikachu’s vacation, which was too cute for words. The actual movie was an emotional journey for anyone who watched it.

Ash is invited to a mysterious battle on New Island with ‘the best Pokémon trainer’. After swimming to the island following a chain of events and deadly storm, Ash is shocked to find that the best trainer is indeed a Pokémon. This is a wonderful movie that promotes love and empathy. Perfect for a family movie night.

2. Pokémon Heroes


During the annual water Pokémon race in the city of Alto Mare, Ash and Misty are the top competitors. Although Ash loses, he is thrown into the secret world of Latias and Latios that is quickly threatened. Main antagonists of this Pokémon movie are Annie and Oakley, who seek to control the legendary Pokémon alongside Soul Dew, who is a mysterious jewel. The plot runs smoothly, and it is a visually appealing Pokémon movie. To avoid giving away the entire movie, and to get to our number one quickly, we will leave the rest to your imagination.

1. Pokémon Movie 3 (Spell of the Unknown)


This movie is number 1, not just because of the great writing, but the underlining message that it holds. Before we get into that, the movie starts off as Ash’s mom is abducted making this movie more about a personal mission for Ash than one of prophecy, which most of the other movies are centered around. As he seeks to rescue his mother, Ash is met by the legendary Pokémon Entai, kind of. But what makes this movie so great is that the writing really expresses a since of loss and depression and how a person, especially a child, is affected by being completely alone. It is certainly carrying a darker undertone, but is visually appealing. This Pokémon movie is a much watch for child and parent alike.

These three Pokémon movies aren’t just entertaining for child fans, but for the adults who have found themselves to be fans of the Pokémon series as well. They are both fun and exciting and may put you on the edge of your seat or have you reaching for a tissue.

Thank you for reading our list and let us know your favorite Pokémon movie!