For most Pokémon fans, every day is another day to do some quality Pokémon hunting. Whether you play Pokémon GO, handheld games, or custom-made fan roms, use your favorite team to take out the competition. So why not rely on your favorite Pokémon to tell you what day it is? Pokémon Wall Calendars are the way to go, featuring your favorite Pokémon for each day of the month. They are a stylish way to keep track of the days and of your in-game day based events.

Never lose track of which Pokémon you can get from your island scan, and always be punctual with special events in Pokémon GO with these Pokémon wall calendars:

1. Official 2018 Pokémon Wall Calendar (Japan Import)

This wall calendar is visually appealing, and features many old and new Pokémon for each month of the year of 2018. Perfect wall decoration for any Pokémon Collector.

2. Pokémon Wall Calendar

Greet every day of the new year with a look at an Alola Pokémon, each month featuring a different Alolan Pokémon with the exception of fan favorite Pikachu. Each month also has a themed Pokémon type and features other Pokémon of that type with a matching pattern as a backdrop.

3. Official 2018 Pokémon Desk Block Calendar

Although it is not a Pokémon wall calendar, it was worth noting it as a very special calendar in general. Everyday offers a new Pokémon, with information on that Pokémon. You can finally learn every Pokémon while learning more about them.

These official Pokémon wall calendars are ideal for gifts, collectors, or personal use. They are visually pleasant and well designed. We would love to get your opinion on these calendars and would like to know if you would love to receive one of these as a Christmas gift to prepare for the new year.