For almost a century, Monopoly has been the center of the table for many family fun nights. Since 1935, Monopoly has released new editions, first edition, special edition, and themed edition board games that keep to a traditional rule set that is fun for families and friends. One of the previous editions released in 2014 was the Pokémon Kanto Region Edition Monopoly. Giving the aspiring trainer a chance to travel the Kanto region collecting ’em all. This was a very creative edition of the family favorite game of Monopoly.

Overview of Pokémon Johto Edition Monopoly

However, in 2016, Monopoly released the Pokémon Johto Edition. This revitalized take on Monopoly is as fun as it was in 2014. Being able to choose new Pokémon as your new companion through the Johto Edition. You travel the board catching ’em all and relying on Professor Elm’s help to win the game. The Pokémon you get to choose from are Totodile, Cyndaquil, Chikorita, Togepi, Pichu, and of course Pikachu. Aside from the placement of cards that grants you potential rewards from Professor Elm, you are at risk of landing on ‘Trainer Cards’ which will force you to battle and have both positive and negative effects on your game.


Travel through the eight gyms and battle trainers. Get rewarded for random Pokémon encounters, and other surprises as you travel with Pikachu and friends through the Pokémon Johto Edition Monopoly. It sounds pretty exciting, and honestly it can be quite fun. It is the same game that was released in 2014, just with newer Pokémon and new names.

Although this is not to say it is not worth it, as we all know it depends on which generation your favorite Pokémon are in. However, it does lack when it comes to originality. It is a special edition of Monopoly that ties into the world of Pokémon that is vast and exciting. But, the game is still Monopoly with the same hair pulling banking position that could lead to an inevitable table flip.


To sum it all up, Pokémon Monopoly: Johto Edition, is worth the money to have it in your Pokémon collection. Whether you are a collector of Pokémon merchandise, Monopoly merchandise, or you just really love Monopoly and/or Pokémon, this is a must have for your collection. Though it is similar to the Kanto Edition, the Kanto Edition was fun, as is the Johto Edition. This particular Monopoly style is a great way to reignite family game night while still connecting to the younger members of the family through a common theme, Pokémon.