Jack-o-lanterns, candy corn, haunted houses, and horror movie flicks all define this season and Halloween. However, there is more definition in the world of Pokémon that is resonating for millions of players. Like ghosts and ghouls, the Pokémon Go Halloween event is shrouded in mystery and wonder.

Last year’s event gave us several perks to our Pokémon hunting campaign, offering more candy for caught Pokémon, more candy for our buddies as we walked, and more common ghost and darker type Pokémon such as Gastly, Drowzee, and Zubat. Although, that is where the mystery takes hold for this year’s event. Not much information has been released describing what the makers of Pokémon Go intend on doing for Halloween this year.

What to Expect from Pokémon Go Halloween Event?

If the events of this year follow the same trends as last year, we can expect to see more Misdreavus, Sneasel, and Houndour. Which would be greatly excepted due to the lack of nests for these particular Pokémon in many regions. One could almost predict that the raid setting would be populated more with Gengars and maybe a few Houndoom here and there.

Last year’s event began on the 26th of October, spanning until the 1st of November, so we can only speculate that this year’s event will follow the same time frame, giving us ample time to stock up on great balls and rare candies for any rare releases that they intend on giving us. Some are hoping to build up their Tyranitar collection by seeing nests of Larvitar and Pupitar popping up in more regions.

With the mysteries of this year’s event keeping us on the edge of our seats, we urge Pokémon Goers to play responsibly. Respect private property and avoid playing at night. Be safe and considerate when hunting for your ghost and dark Pokémon this year.

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