With the release of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon right around the corner, Nov. 17th, many of the freebies that have been handed out to the players of Pokémon Sun and Moon have already come and gone. Though, not all have faded into the past. There has still been a healthy selection of free Pokémon at participating locations for those who play these two Pokémon franchises.

In the past, we have seen varying mega stones to improve your campaign and battling experiences. Also, many different Pokémon have been given away to the lucky ones at some participating locations. But fret not, you still have a chance to catch these rare Pokémon before time expires.

How to Catch ’em All in Pokemon Sun and Moon

Each Pokémon has a download code that you can pick up in various locations, encouraging the Pokémon Go getters to go and get. For example, Marshadow is still obtainable until October 23rd. You can pick up its code from GameStop, or participating retailers in the UK. This Ghost/Fighting-type is received at level 50 with some powerful movies and Z-Crystal equipped.

Pikachu has all but become the Mascot, and the face of the Pokémon Universe. In celebration of the 20th anniversary film ‘Pokémon The Movie: I Choose You’, you are able to receive Ash’s Pikachu by entering the code PIKACHU20 in the Mystery Gift. Only being able to receive one of the 6 Pikachu’s, the one you receive is dependent on the date that you enter the code in by. Sadly, many of the Pikachu’s have come and gone including the original hat, Hoenn hat, and Sinnoh Hat. The Unova hat is only available until the 16th of October, and it is followed by the Kalos hat Pikachu until the 23rd. Lastly, the Alola hat Pikachu will run from 24th to the 30th of October.

Lastly, the famed Celebi is available until Sep. 21st, 2018. To get this legendary Pokémon, you simply buy Pokémon Silver or Gold from the 3DS e-shop by the end date and you receive the bonus download code for Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon.