UK University Allows its Students to Play Pokemon Go

We previously wrote an article about Salford University now having students play Pokémon Go for class. Now, we have a little more information to offer those who are still curious.

The Daily Mail says that students who are taking courses in Business Information Technology will have to play Pokémon Go as a course to complete their undergraduate levels. The relationship between the game and the courses these students are taking in the university has not been established yet. Doctor David Kreps who lectures at the University of Salford says that playing the game will make the course easier to understand.

He also said that the students must play the game, but that will not be the only requirement to pass the course, once they start playing things will get complicated for them. They will have to do much more than catch Pokémon to pass this course. The use of Pokémon Go as a requirement to pass a course was done before in the University of Idaho to pass a class called Pop Culture games.

The app not only allows students to play the game and catch Pokémon, it takes them outside, they exercise, they get to go to new places and best of all it allows for team activities and collaboration which helps to build leadership among the students, said Steven Bird, course instructor. The Daily Mail says that the university is offering a degree in Pokémon because it helps the students get a better grasp in the business information technology class.