How to Become a Pro Pokémon Player in the UK

Salford University in the UK is offering a degree in Pokémon Go to her students in business information technology. Apparently they have decided that playing the game will allow their students to better understand their courses in BIT, so the university has decided to include Pokémon Go in the course curriculum.

Critics believe that including the game in a course curriculum is simply downgrading the course and the university because there is nothing to be learned from the game, Salford lecturer David Kreps denies this fact. The university insists that the features in the game will allow their students to understand their other courses and their career better, so they walk around campus playing Pokémon Go to get their degree.

Chris McGovern, who represents the Campaign for Real Education says that this is ridiculous, that there is no way that a game will help them advance and understand their careers better and that what the university is doing is making students spend money on something which is useless.

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