Pokémon Sun and Moon Trailer Hints of New Alolan Forms Possible Pokémon GO Connection

We are merely months away from Niantic debuting its 7th generation of the acclaimed Pokémon role-playing game for Nintendo 3DS with its first two installments, Pokémon Sun & Pokémon Moon and fans are grabbing at every new snippet of information and rumor that comes out.


Pokémon Sun and Moon promise more than a 100 new Pokémon with leaks revealing Alolan forms of new and existing Pokémon, complete with all their evolution’s. Players will be able to play with the new Alolan breed of familiar Pokémon like Rowelt, Raichu, Popplio and many others, along with several other new Pokémon that the game will introduce.


The question on everyone’s mind is, whether this new breed of Pokémon will find its way to Pokémon Go. Much of the information circulating at this early stage is pure speculation as Niantic has not released official word on the matter. Rumors circulating do state that Pokémon ‘Ninetales’ and ‘Vulpix’ might be among the first to be added to Pokémon Go.


Pokejungle speculates that a number of new Pokémon may be coming to Pokémon Go, a lot of which may be from Pokémon Sun and Moon. Information as to which particular Pokémon will find their way on Pokémon Go is still up in the air with no official word from Niantic or its developers. Even if no Pokémon or their evolution’s from Pokémon Sun and Moon are added to Pokémon Go straight away, it is very likely that they will at some point.


Pokémon Sun and Moon is scheduled for release on 18th November, with a pre-release preview sometime in September, which is expected to fuel the speculations surrounding the much anticipated game and its connection to Pokémon Go.


For the time being, it won’t be fair to Pokémon Sun and Moon if we divert our attention to a possible Pokémon Go connection, and we are counting the days until the preview for the newest installment of Pokémon games for Nintendo 3DS.