In an earlier update, Niantic had removed the ‘Nearby’ feature, but has since brought it back in a new way. The latest update released two main changes. The first, the ability to view where Pokémon were caught, which is shown on the Pokémon’s profile screen. The accuracy of this function is still questionable though. This feature was originally part of the game, but was removed with the faulty version of the Pokémon tracking system.

Basically, Niantic has finally decided to bring back a feature that the players actually liked. It’s nothing major, but is nice to know we will once again be reminded where a Pokémon were if needed.

The second main change is the ability for players to use incense with the Pokémon Go Plus. With the device launched last Friday, it has had several issues for Android users, but many have enjoyed it greatly. The Plus allows players to capture Pokémon without having their face stuck in the phone, allowing them to enjoy their game and other things around them too. Now, they can lure in more of those little guys with incense!

Niantic has realized that the Pokémon Go wave has decreased recently, but they are still tweaking the game in an attempt to keep it fresh for players. They also patched some minor fixes and text issues with the latest update as well.

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