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Despite the rumors that people had lost interest on the Pokémon Go game, it is holding strong and has recently launched the Pokémon Go Plus device for your comfort and gaming experience. To quiet down the gossip and speculation about the game, we can tell you that the new device is selling for more than the projected price of $34.99.

What does the Pokémon Go Plus do? Count steps for Egg Hatching? Activate PokéStops? Leave your battery dry and looking for juice when you are at your best? Is it really worth the money you are paying for it? We are not sure, continue reading and make up tour on mind.

What is it?

The device is a peripheral accessory for your Pokémon Go game that can be pinned to your shirt or worn on the bracelet it comes attached to. It looks like a Pokéballs combined with the Google map pin because, as all you fans know, Pokémon Go is all about maps and balls. It is similar to a watch, but does not tell time or anything else, it is exclusively designed to use as a Pokémon Go accessory.

Its only use is to allow you and your game obsessive friends to play without the need of your phones. It connects to your phone through Bluetooth and lets you know when you are close to a PokéStops or a Pokémon using LED lights that blink and vibrating.

Everybody that plays Pokémon Go knows that it can be extreme towards the juice in your phone and can dry it up really fast in the middle of the action, the Plus, reduces energy consumption on your phone to a certain degree because you are still connected and using it through Bluetooth.

Pokémon Go Plus – LED lights, how to sync your phone Bluetooth, and more

You all know that Nintendo always saves some tricks and information so you have to work hard to get things to work properly, here are some tips that will help you get moving with your new Pokémon Go Plus.

Connecting the device to your phone’s Bluetooth signal – First make sure that it is on, take the plastic tab out of your Plus and go to the Pokémon App where you must select Settings. Once in the Settings menu select Pokémon Go Plus. It is as simple as that.

Switching Pokémon Go Plus to a different phone

First you have to disconnect or “unpair” the Plus from the phone you will not be using any more. The way to do this is to press and hold the middle button on the device for approximately 5 seconds until the LED glows and remains blue. If it flashes instead of remaining on, do it again. After around ten seconds of the light turning blue; press the same button again for another five seconds. The Plus will then vibrate showing that it has been unpaired from your old phone.

Changing the battery on your Plus

To do this you will use a Phillips or cross head, small screwdriver. Remove the cover on the back and take the battery out, replacing it with the new one. Make sure the side of the battery with the + sign is looking upwards. If you put it upside down, it will not work so be extra careful with this, replace the cover and you are set to go.

Attaching the Plus to the wristband

You will need the same screwdriver you used for the battery to remove the clip or attach the wrist band. Remove the same cover you removed for the battery change and reattach it once the wristband is in place.

Going on the hunt for Pokémon

As you might already know, the Plus only fires one Pokéball at each Pokémon, even if you have Ultras or Giants or Razz Berries in your war chest. Since you only have one shot before the Pokémon gets away, keep your phone close by so you can insta-chuck balls at Pidgeys to use the leveling XP maneuver, rare Pokémon for Candy can also be caught manually.

Pokémon Go Plus vibration and LED color meaning

Red LED, rapid vibration. Your Plus has been disconnected from your phone, repair them and make double sure that you are connected to through the Bluetooth and to the internet too.

Blue LED flashes and triple vibrations. PokéStop is by you, push the button and collect XP and items from it.

Green LED, three vibrations. Wild Pokémon in sight, you may or may not have one already, press again to throw a ball.

RAINBOW LED flashes, long, single vibration. Wild Pokémon is caught or you have collected the prizes at the PokéStop.

RED LED flashes, vibration. The wild Pokémon has escaped.

If you are new or old to the game and you want to learn some strategy and tricks to improve your ranking and game read the Pokémon Go pages which deal with tricks and tips where you can learn how to throw the best curved ball ever, or evolve a Pokémon and how to find Pokémon near you faster and with ease.

Android, iPhone support and compatibility for Pokémon Go Plus – does it work?

The Pokémon Go Plus wearable device works with iPhone 5/5C/5S/SE/6/6S/6 Plus/6S Plus and operating systems iOS 8 – 9.

Users of Android OS versions 4.4-6.0 are supported without the need to add or update anything on their phones if they have Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth version 4.0 or higher) and at least 2GB of RAM.

Nintendo has restricted sales to one device per person to avoid crazy auction prices online because of the expected demand, so get into gear and order yours now or you may find yourself paying more for it when supplies start to diminish.

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