Pokemon GO Spawning Nests Changed Again

There is a new pattern that has emerged in Pokémon GO spawning nests. Every time that there is a major update, the types of Pokemon that will spawn in their nearby nests will change dramatically. Recently the update has gym leaders analyzing Pokemon by their stats and size, and seeing if you’re really any good or not. So, the game updated on the server side that has affected the current Pokemon GO spawning nests, and it seems to be happening everywhere.

The sad news is that the most common Pokemon such as Zubats, Ratattas, Pidgeys and sometimes Drowzees aren’t going to be going anywhere and the rarer spawn areas have been rotated to keep the game fresh. The rotation was done because, let’s face it, eventually you will fish out your whole area and you will want to catch new things. Since this is the second rotation, it has been made clear that things won’t go back to what they were before.

If you had a favorite spot you would go to for a spawning nest, prepare yourself for change. Everyone will have different spawns at these Pokemon GO spawning nests, meaning you may have to find a new favorite spawning nest.

But, don’t freak out just yet. The people over at SilphRoad are already creating a grand master list of the old spawns versus the new spawns.

Do you have any favorite Pokemon GO spawning nests? Have you noticed any changes at them, if so, share your thoughts and experiences in the comment section below.