The newest Pokémon Sun and Moon trailer has gotten us all excited. It reveals a bunch of new gameplay footage along with some interesting new information about the highly anticipated installments that will kick-start the 7th generation of the acclaimed Pokémon role-playing games for Nintendo 3DS.

The trailer unveils three brand new Pokémon. The first, Wishiwashi, is a water-type Pokémon possessing a schooling ability. Although it’s initial form would make you want to take it home and cuddle, let it reach a certain level and it will strike fear in the hearts of your opponents with its frightening school form.

Pyukumuku is also a new water-type Pokémon possessing a unique Innards-Out ability, that does precisely what the name suggests!

The third Pokémon the trailer revealed is a grass and fairy-type Pokémon called Morelull, that possesses the Illuminate and Effect Spore ability which effectively puts its opponents to sleep.

The trailer also revealed Alola forms of Raichu, Marowak and Meowth, with Marowak’s Alolan form possessing the Cursed Body and Lightning Rod ability while Meowth’s form possessed the Pickup and Technician ability. Raichu, in his Alolan form, wields the Surge Surfer ability and gets more intimidating as its speed doubles when the electric terrain becomes active.

Team Skull, the newest villainous squad was also teased in the trailer. It is led by the menacing ‘big boss’ Guzma who can’t wait to spread chaos and destruction, with ‘big sister’ Plumeria in charge of keeping the grunts in line and dealing with insubordination.

Pokémon Sun and Pokemon Moon is expected to be released on November 18, 2016 on the Nintendo 3DS platform. We are keeping our fingers crossed for more details as the release date draws near.

Are you waiting or the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon? If so, which one are you looking forward to the most?