New Pokemon GO Update Helps Detect Best Pokemon Stats

Niantic has confirmed that a new update is rolling out for Pokemon GO, but it will be a light update when it comes to features. Although, there is going to be one major feature change for the latest version, a Pokemon Appraisal tool. This feature is going to allow trainers to get a better idea of how strong their Pokemon are.

The team leaders, Blanche, Candela and Spark are going to be joining the game. Now, depending on the team you decided to join after level 5, you are going to get a quick read on the Pokemon within your party, including a view of character portraits that was unveiled at the San Diego Comic-Con.

How to Use

You are going to be able to use the new Pokemon Appraisal tool from the Pokemon menu. There will be an option located on individual Pokemon info pages. Simple enough, right?

Is it useful?

Well, if you have already been deeply trained in Pokemon stats and trained your toughest Pokemon, you may not find it that useful. But, for those that are not stat geniuses (likely the majority of us), it could be very helpful.

The Pokemon Appraisal tool and all this stat talk may sound confusing, but it will bring much more depth to the game. This is because in the Pokemon world, each monster has a different value, these are called “individual values”, also referred to as IVs. Basically, this just means that one Squirtle won’t be the same as another Squirtle. They will likely have different individual values and/or movesets that make them unique.


This new feature is going to bring more depth to Pokemon GO, but at the same time it will only help you determine which Pokemon to keep, rather than transferring them with a guess. When it comes to the gym, it won’t provide much more help than how small your Lapras may be.

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