There are all sorts of people playing Pokemon GO from young to older. After all, those of us who were kids that started the Pokemon craze are now adults in our late 20’s and early 30’s.

One father allowed his son to rename his Pokemon GO collection, showing that he does not take it as serious as some trainers out there, but more importantly it shows that he is finding ways to bond with his son with something both can enjoy.

To make it even better, it is likely his wife who enjoys they can bond while doing something safe and fun. Let’s face it, if she’s happy, he’s happy, right?

Alright, let’s start this slideshow of 26 Pokemon GO pics to see what kind of interesting names this kid came up with for the following Pokemon…


11 The rooster (Spearow)

Okay, we can see this one being seen as a rooster, what do you think?

1. The rooster (Spearow)

22 Bunny (Nidoran)

Yeah, this kid has a good eye huh? Okay, so this is one bunny I wouldn’t want to make mad the older it gets.

2. Bunny (Nidoran)

33 A turtle (Weedle)

Okay, so maybe we spoke to soon on the good eye part? Looks much more like a Greec worm…

3. A turtle (Weedle)

44 Um potato (Caterpie)

Come on, this is clearly a tiny alien!

4. Um potato (Caterpie)

55 Yeah (Meowth)

At this point, the kid must have been excited, or thought they were asking if he wanted a cat?

5. Yeah (Meowth)

66 An snake (Ekans)

Alright, getting back to the bullseyes… Wonder if the kid realized ‘Ekans’ is ‘snake’ backwards?

6. An snake (Ekans)

77 A chicken (Pidgey)

Kid must play this with dad a lot, he hit the nail on the head with all the Pidgey’s running off!

7. A chicken (Pidgey)

88 A PIG! (JigglyPuff)

Not sure what type of pigs this kid sees, but at least it is pink. We would go with Musical Cotton Candy Puffball thingy…

8. A PIG! (JigglyPuff)

99 Swetress (Bulbasaur)

Wait, what? We think he was trying to say sweetness here, because who doesn’t love this guy?

9. Swetress (Bulbasaur)

1010 Um a duck (Psyduck)

Why yes, it is a duck, a Psyduck!

10. Um a duck (Psyduck)

1111 It’s bat (Zubat)

The kid is back to being on a roll, isn’t he?

11. It’s bat (Zubat)

1212 A sea horse (Horsea)

Starting to think this kid likes the animal planet.

12. A sea horse (Horsea)

1313 A moon (Metapod)

Seen the moon having some strange colors, but have yet to see a green moon. Bet it would be awesome, though!

13. A moon (Metapod)

1414 Um a fish (Goldeen)

You can just tell by the Goldeen’s face: she is not thrilled with being called ‘Um a Fish’. Women…

14. Um a fish (Goldeen)

1515 Some plants (Oddish)

Considering its evolutions, this would be a dead ringer! Get the fertilizer, erm, Oddish candies prepared!

15. Some plants (Oddish)

1616 Spider bat (Zubat)

Okay, so daddy caught another Zubat and this time it looks like a spider bat, apparently it’s an eyeless spider type?

16. Spider bat (Zubat)

1717 A piggy! (Clefairy)

We’re starting to think all fairy type that’s pink is going to be a pig to this kid.

17. A piggy! (Clefairy)

1818 Um um bunny (Venonat)

Looks more like a furry moth ball with fangs, pun intended.

18. Um um bunny (Venonat)

1919 The fish (Paras)

Either daddy needs to show this kid more fish, or he joins daddy in crab catching, that’s just not safe.

19. The fish (Paras)

2020 A elephant (Drowzee)

We can see this one, but the elephant needs to lay off the Goldscloger.

20. A elephant (Drowzee)

2121 Bunny (Evee)

This bunny, fox, dog, this split-personality Pokemon can be whatever you want at this point!

21. Bunny (Evee)

2222 Um plants? (Bellsprout)

He nailed Oddish, but not sure on a Bellsprout that looks like just about every plant starts? Blah!

22. Um plants? (Bellsprout)

2323 Keep Peas (Gloom)

Alright, dad, you must have caught enough Oddish, your kid knows it’s a plant and that he doesn’t like peas!

23. Keep Peas (Gloom)

2424 A BAT (Golbat)

It appears this one scared the kid as he screamed A BAT! Of course, we admit, we would probably scream like little girls in pull-ups too if this thing was after us.

24. A BAT (Golbat)

2525 Claws Parrot (Magmar)

We’re starting to wonder where this kid lives, fish that look like crabs and parrots that look like, well, this…

25. Claws Parrot (Magmar)

2626 Um a Bee! (Poliwag)

Poor Poliwag, when the father asked what he was even the Pokemon looked confused. We feel there’s a true identity crisis here.

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26. Um a Bee! (Poliwag)