Cheaters are Getting Banned from Pokémon GO

Niantic has finally caught up with all those naughty boys and girls who tried to place their moves on them. If you do not want to be banned all you have to do is follow the rules and do not break or violate any of the Terms of Service. The problem with this is that no one ever takes the time to read them so it is a waste of time telling you not to break them, but most of it is common sense.


The first thing you have to stay away from, and not attempt to use in Pokémon GO, are bots. If you decide to take a risk and go ahead and bring your bot in, and get caught, you will be banned for life from Pokémon GO and the same thing will happen to the person who has put his or her signature on the bot. Niantic has caught on and they are hard at work identifying every one of the lazy people who have decided to bring their toys into the game instead of playing it themselves.

GPS spoofing

Another reason to get banned instantly is to hide your location and play tricks on your cell phone’s GPS so you can capture Pokémon which only live in specific places or to hatch eggs faster. It may have worked at first, but the genies at Niantic have caught on fast and they are out hunting for you and your cheating friends. They have worked all the kinks out with regards to locating every phone which is actively playing and you can do all the shadowing you want, but they will still find you and take your little creatures forever.

Third party apps and tools

The use of emulators or copy cats will also get you banned for life. Basically, what we mean is that the use of any machine or equipment that is not a mobile device to play Pokémon GO, will result in an immediate and permanent ban for life. This includes computers, laptops and any other equipment, instrument, gadget or anything else in the world that is not a mobile phone. We think they have made it very clear at this point, and we should all understand what they mean… To stay on the safe side, do not use third party software or applications to play Pokémon Go, period. You have been more than warned!

Taking advantages of glitches

One more quick mention here is glitches that have become common after the latest Pokemon GO updates. However, this is another area that can easily avoid being banned by using common sense, just don’t take advantage of the glitches. If you don’t benefit from the glitch, chances are you won’t be in the line up of lifetime bans.

Getting unbanned (if this is possible)

First, you must make sure that you have been banned, if you know you are cheating than you do not have to make sure, you know that you are banned. When you cannot log into the game and get a strange email from Niantic in the morning, you know you have been busted. Some people claim they have been banned and they have not violated any of the Terms of Use, do you believe that fairy tale? Neither do they.

Other people claim that they have received “soft bans” for playing too fast, they did not get an email and they were only blocked for a couple of hours. Yes, they gave them a warning because they were so good that the system believed they were bots or some other gadget playing their game. Okay, try again, cheaters. If you really get banned and even though you have been cheating, you really want to see your account again, you can send an appeal through the Pokémon GO website. It will take them some time for them to get back to you while you sweat out and cry for your lonely Pokémon, but they will probably let you off with a warning so you can rejoin your family of Pokémon.