If you have a phone with the AR feature, you have likely used it to snap a few interesting photo’s of Pokemon (after all, that’s the point). Pokemon GO has helped get people active again, but have also turned some into monsters.

If you come across a group of people staring at their phones and waving them around in the air, you have probably found a gathering of Pokemon trainers attempting to catch the same rare Pokemon!

Even those that are not big on exercising have started walking miles just over Pokemon GO being so addicting. Much of this is caused from the Pokemon animations overlaying real world scenery.

Although, there have been weird things occur, such as people being lured to places in hopes of a Mew. But, the following are some funny tweets that show how mad people have become with Pokemon GO!

1. Is Jigglypuff in the mafia?

2. Year of the phone-swipers!

3. Catch ’em all, safety doesn’t matter!

4. It’s rare to see gamers outdoors…

5. Romance is doomed!

6. Obesity crisis diverted, thank you, Nintendo/Niantic!

7. Perfect relationship goals.

8. No no no, that’s not how Pokemon GO goes…

9. Pokemon GO: Motivation of 2016.

10. Tragedy strikes

11. If only time travel was possible, go back to the 90’s to show this to ourselves

12. Machop knows how to party…

13. Real life Pokemon, no more traveling to Kanto or Hoen!

14. Forget aliens, Pokemon GO has our control now.

15. Dedication vs lazyness

16. The struggle, bro, it’s real!

17. Vicious Ratata in the tanning bed

18. Weedle doing… THAT thing.

19. The realism… Wow!

20. Not the poor Eevee!

21. When going Pokemon hunting, always take a friend.

22. How Pokemon GO brought the world to its end…

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