If you are an avid Pokémon GO player, you have likely prepared for a great hunt (possibly hours long), then when you started hunting something went wrong!

Of course, being a very new app, Pokémon GO bugs and glitches are to be expected. This is a list of the Top 10 Pokémon GO issues and some quick and easy tips on how to fix them.

1. Frozen screen bug

Pokemon Go bug frozen screen

Here you are, walking down the street when you suddenly realize, you haven’t seen any Pokémon in a while. You look down and notice that your screen has frozen, you can’t turn the map or tap on anything.

Even worse, when it freezes in the middle of catching an uncommon or rare Pokémon!

Quick fix for this Pokémon GO bug:

The quickest way to fix this nasty Pokémon GO bug is to simply close out the app, then restart it. If you were in the process of catching a Pokémon, you may find that it was still caught too.

2. Trainer map bug

pokemon-go-bug-trainer-mapHave you looked down and seen your trainer is moving all over the screen? This is a common issue when Pokémon GO shows bugs and not getting a GPS signal.

When hatching an egg, it’s almost enough to drive a person mad!

Quick fix:

If this happens, check to see if your GPS is turned on. Sometimes devices get weird and auto-kick you off certain things, like your GPS location or Wi-Fi. Gotta love technology.

3. Footprint distance bug

Pokemon Go bug footprints nearby pokemon

There’s another reported Pokémon GO bug that the footprints under a nearby Pokémon will not decrease as you get closer to it. Although this makes it more challenging to catch them, it’s still possible to locate and catch the Pokémon.

Quick fix:

You can try restarting the app and see if it works for you afterwards. Some users have reported it still does not work, while some say it worked correctly. It’s a good chance this is due to the server issues.

Update: It may be possible that Niantic temporarily ‘shut off’ the AR feature due to the massive server crashes. At this point, this is just a rumor.

4. Frozen Pokéball bug

Pokemon Go bug frozen pokeball pikachu

Alright, you finally found a Pikachu! You get all hyped up, maybe feed it some berries and for the sake of wanting the electrifying yellow creature, you use a Great Pokéball.

Awesome, you captured it! Or, did you?

Suddenly, you realize the Pokéball froze and your dreams became a nightmare. Perhaps, it’s the worst of Pokémon GO bugs!

Quick fix:

Check to see if the loading ball has appeared, if so wait until it has loaded. If the screen is still frozen, restart the game and check your Pokémon. Sometimes the app continues working, but the screen freezes and you still get the Pokémon!

5. You already own this item bug

Pokemon go bug already own item

This is one of the most frequently reported Pokémon GO bugs at the moment. While not a major issue, it can be annoying. Luckily, it’s one of the easier glitches to get past as you just restart and like magic, you’re good to go.

Quick fix:

The easiest one so far: restarting the app.

6. Stardust stops increasing bug

Pokemon Go bug stardust stops

There have been reports that players experience collecting Stardust, but their total Stardust amount does not increase. It remains in question if this is truly a Pokémon GO bug or just a way to get people to spend money?

Quick fix:

Try restarting the game. If you still notice the Stardust bug occurs (i.e. it doesn’t increase when catching new Pokémon), try to clear the Pokémon GO cache on your device.

Final words for Pokémon GO bugs and glitches guide

In this list, we covered several of the most common and annoying Pokémon GO bugs and glitches, from Poke Ball freezing to your phone fully locking up. Did you like our list? Share it with friends by hitting the social buttons.

Are there any bugs we missed? You’ll find some more in our How to Fix 6 Common Pokémon GO Glitches, Freezes, and Bugs guide.

And don’t forget to tell us in the comments about other Pokémon GO bugs, glitches, and freezes you have struggled with.