Pokémon GO is bringing people together, and sometimes in very peculiar places. Like cemeteries.

Watch this video awesome video to find more shocking facts about Pokémon GO!

Here’s just a sneak peek:

  • Trespassers catch Pokémon right on your lawn. It can be especially disturbing at night.
  • Players try to catch Pokémon at cafes and restaurants. The owners put up a sign “Pokémon GO is allowed for paying customers only.”
  • People follow Pokémon GO craze to very creepy places like cemeteries, memorials, and funeral homes. One of the most shocking PokéStops has been the 9/11 memorial pool at Ground Zero.
  • Bosses impose strict rules about employees playing Pokémon GO at work. Because here’s the problem: otherwise, work won’t get done.
  • Niantic, the Pokémon GO developer, is a public force of government surveillance program. Because why else they want an access to your Google account?
  • A loving husband catches Pokémon under the wife’s bed. While she’s in labor delivering their son.
  • Drones tracking Pokémon can fly into your window.

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