Ever Wonder Why Ash Never Ages.

Though the Pokemon series generally targets the younger generation, some of us older fans remember when it was Saturday morning and a new episode of Pokemon was premiering and we were singing that we wanted to be the very best. The anime first aired in Japan in 1997, and in America in 1998, feel old yet? Well, it sure doesn’t seem like Ash Ketchum does.

With over 1000 episodes of the Pokemon series, and 21 movies, it is safe to say that this series has been a success. Many Pokemon games were made based off the anime, and even more fan made ROMs made to feed the urge of unique adventures.

Ash Ketchum, Forever Young?

So, with the show being over 20 years old, why is Ash Ketchum (the main protagonist) only 10 years old? He should have a job and be stressing about Pokebills by now. Well, that is what we are going to discuss for a few short paragraphs. Mainly focusing on one fan theory that makes you look at the Pokemon series in a different light, one that is both depressing and more logical.

So, our protagonist is the boy of legend in many movies, being the chosen one to stop destruction across the globe. The world turns to Ash, remember that line? How has a 10-year-old boy accomplished so much without aging a day? The first theory, which is the most logical, is that the series in its entirety takes place over a few months. This would explain the ageless time spent Pokemon hunting, but that creates a huge list of accomplishments that are happening in a short period of time that makes it hard to wrap your head around.

Did Ash Ketchum Find the Fountain of Youth?

The least likely fan theory is that Ash Ketchum is immortal, we won’t get into this one because it is ridiculous to consider. Jokingly, one fan stated that Ash is Japanese, so he will look like he is 10 until he turns 25.

However, the fan theory we choose to get into detail about is that he is actually in a coma. During the beginning of his journey, when the Spearow decided to attack Ash and Pikachu, Ash suffered an injury that left him in a Coma and the entire journey has been one big dream to him. Which is why he is always encountering mystical legendary Pokemon, traveling to new regions, and never seeming to age because he never seen himself grow up.

However, when it is all said and done, and the fantasy has faded. Whether Ash is in a coma for the entire Pokemon series or he was granted immortality by Ho-Oh when he seen it fly over. The real reason why Ash doesn’t age is that it is a fictitious show. We know it isn’t the conclusion you want, but it is the truest explanation.

If you enjoyed what you read, let us know! Also check out our other article about fan theories to learn more of what the fandom has thought up about the Pokéverse. Thank you for reading.