Strongest Water Type Pokemon (Gen 1-3)

Are you in search of the top five strongest water Pokemon you can obtain? Today were discussing just that. Our opinion on the strongest ones from the Kanto region (gen 1 through gen 3).

Since the 90’s, trainers have encountered a challenge in every Pokemon game. They’ve had the hard decision of which Pokemon is best suited for their teams. Scouring the region, looking for the most powerful and rare Pokemon to add to their team. Finally finding one to catch in a little red and white prison. People have asked about the best Pokemon for years, so here’s our Top Five list on the strongest water types!

There are many different Pokemon, and a lot of them are worth mentioning. However, we’re only going to discuss our opinion on the best of the options. From catching in the games, to building a new deck. Although, we won’t be including legendary Pokemon in this list. Not only are they obvious options, but not everyone wants to use legendary Pokemon.

Have your own opinions on the top five strongest water type Pokemon, let us know in the comments below.

Top Five Strongest Water Type Pokemon From The Kanto Region (Gen 1-3)

5. Blastoise Blastoise

Though it isn’t the strongest of the starter Pokemon in the first generation, or any of the generations, it is a very practical water type with great stats. The reason Blastoise made this top five list and Feraligatr didn’t is a biased favoritism of nostalgia we had towards the Kanto starter.

If you’re a fan of Feraligatr, let us know in the comments!

4. Swampert


One of the strongest starters in the first three generations of the Pokemon games, Swampert has the dual typing of Water and Ground giving it an immunity to electric types while only increasing the grass damage taken. It’s move pools are strong enough to counter anything thrown at him with ease and he is a physical beast of a starter if built right. Why wouldn’t it make top five?

3. Milotic


The only reason Milotic is in 3rd on our top five list – and not second above Gyarados – is the strenuous process that it takes on obtaining it. However, this Pokemon is nearly unrivaled in water special attacks and has a move pool that is devastating to all those that choose to oppose it.

2. Gyarados


There isn’t a strong water list that won’t have Gyarados on it. There is something special about a water/flying type Pokemon that can learn dragon dance and crush an opponent with a single waterfall attack. Not to mention, the attack stat of this Pokemon is one of the highest in the water field, and its defenses are nothing to scoff at either. A bit of a pain to obtain, but the harder they are to train, the stronger they become. Thanks, Magikarp.

1. Kingdra – Strongest Water, Hidden Gym?


Kingdra makes #1 on our top five list because of the sheer power and potential that it has hidden. Sadly, it is one of the most forgettable Pokemon from the second generation.

However, it has amazing defenses, decent speed and attack as well as special attack. Equipped with dragon dance, this Pokemon becomes an unstoppable force with only a weakness to dragon (and fairy in the newer gens).

There you have it, our top five strongest water type Pokemon of the Kanto region from generations 1 through 3. Of course, we would love to hear your opinions on what you think the top five (even top ten) water Pokemon are from Gen 1-3.

As always, thank you for reading. If you would like to see more articles like this, let us know in the comments below.