The Pokemon games became an instant must have for any gaming console that it was created on. However, not all the Pokemon we seek exist without loss. There have been countless rejected Pokemon throughout the betas of Pokemon games that have been cut, canceled, or just given up on. Some of these Pokemon look like they resemble existing Pokemon, or were inspired by generations before them.

So, for today’s discussion, we are going to inform you of 5 rejected Pokemon that just didn’t quite make the cut. We will have images for most, but our number 1 spot didn’t even get that. We would love to know what you think after you read this posting, so feel free to comment below.

Rejected Pokemon #5: Unnamed Creature #1

Unnamed Creature #1

This unnamed creature resembles Hitmontop, with some differences such as color, and its upright position. However, it also looks like a mix of the Tyrogue family and Jigglypuff. There were no moves, or beta releases of this unused Pokemon, so more information other than the artwork is available. We would have loved to at least see it in action once.

Rejected Pokemon #4: Kurusu


A starter Pokemon in the playable demo of Gold and Silver, Kurusu is one water type Pokemon that just didn’t make it all the way. In the National Pokédex, this Pokemon was number 212, knowing the moves Water Gun, Growl, and Tackle. It’s close resemblance to a seal leads people to believe it might have inspired Spheal in gen 3, or was based off Seel in Gen 1.

Rejected Pokemon #3: Unnamed Turtle Pokemon

Unnamed Turtle Pokemon

This unknown turtle has no information other than its design available to the public. Said to be the inspiration for the Pokemon games gen 4, Tirtouga, this Pokemon just couldn’t make it into the Pokemon games database.

Rejected Pokemon #2: Honōguma



This Pokemon only has a name and image to prove its existence. Being the fire type starter in the Alpha, this Pokemon knew the moves Scratch, Leer, and Ember. Its name refers to a Flame (Hono) Bear (Kuma). Because of the bear from the name, many believe it was an early version of Teddiursa, however, it’s appearance almost looks like it was a rebooted Raichu model for fire-type personality.

Rejected Pokemon #1: Mega Flygon

Mega Flygon

As stated before, no image is available of this particular Pokemon. That was the main reason for it never being in the game. Designers couldn’t settle on its design, so they decided to scrap the idea of giving the fan favorite, Flygon, a mega evolution. Kind of disappointing that we will never see it in action.

Please keep in mind that this information was provided by Bulbapedia and we do not claim or own any of the images or information. We would love to know what you think, and which Pokemon would you have loved to see make the cut? Comment below and share with your friends.