Pikachu is arguably the most popular Pokémon out there, becoming the mascot for the the Pokémon universe. Introduced in 1996, Pikachu (25th Pokémon) quickly gained popularity on a global scale, and entering pop culture history forever. However, did you know Pikachu was never meant to be the mascot?

With the release of Pokémon Go two decades after the TGC and shows began, fans old and new traveled around their city, and further to catch their favorite Pokémon and to become the very best, but Pikachu was still a crowd favorite.

Let’s look into some Pikachu Facts that you may not have known about.

5. Pokémon Go: Pikachu Starter

There is a hidden way to use Pikachu as a starter in Pokémon Go, in addition to the usual three (Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle). To obtain the Pikachu starter in Pokémon Go, you simply have to walk/run away form the other three Pokémon provided when you start your new account. After a while of not choosing either of the three, Pikachu appears.

*You must walk away from the others 3-4 times.

4. Is Pikachu Boy or Girl?

This has been a popular question, and one no one has really been able to confirm or deny this. Although it has become known that an average Pikachu can be determined male or female by their tail (females have a notch, males do not), Ash’s Pikachu is still questionable. It’s a question that has gone over 20 years. Because Ash’s Pikachu was introduced into the anime prior to the franchise establishing gender differences.

At this stage, Pikachu’s gender is simply theory.

3. Pikachu Designed by GameFreak Artist

Atsuko Nishida is the artist from GameFreak that came up with the look we know today – the yellow rat. GameFreak is the real creator of Pokémon, while Nintendo was the publishing company (1996). While the entire team at Game Freak are behind the concept of Pokémon and making it a fan favorite, Atsuko Nishida is the team member credited for Pikachu.

Ken Sugimori finalized the designed, while the last Pikachu stands 1ft 4in tall, and the first electric Pokémon introduced to the Pokémon Universe.

2. 95 Pokémon Cards Feature Pikachu

That’s right, since release in 1996, Pikachu has been on 95 Pokémon cards, and counting. Not bad for a basic Pokémon from the original base set. Originally, Pikachu’s card had 40HP, but over the years Pikachu has transitioned from Surfing Pikachu, Lt. Surge’s Pikachu, and many more.

1. Pikachu Influenced This Protein Name

You read that correctly, there is a protein out there that owes its name to this adorable yellow, electrifying Pokémon – Pikachurin. But, why? Interesting enough, this protein was found in the human body in recent years, which transmits electrical impulses between the eyes and brain. Electrical impulses, combined with Japanese scientists, and the pop culture of Pikachu all came together.