Though there are many advanced & new Pokémon games out there like Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, people find themselves going for the gold. Well I should say, going for Gold, Silver and Pokémon Crystal. The classics will always be the best to those who remember them when they were new. Though the younger generations will never know the frustration of taking on Whitney’s Miltank, or Claire’s Kingdra, the original Pokémon gamers do remember.

What is the point? Well, simply put, these games are going virtual. They are available for purchase and download for the 3DS. Though they are still the same game we knew before, they are classics and still fun. So, you may find yourself asking the question of why you should invest into a game that you probably played and beat years ago. Or for the younger players, why should you buy a game that is outdated? That is what we seek to explain.

Younger Players

Why should younger players invest in the virtual download of older games? Because, they are able to get a full understanding of how far Pokémon has come. The original games were more than just the stepping-stones to where we are now, they were the beginning of a legacy that has grown greatly. For the younger players, it is ideal that you play the originals, you may learn some new tricks.


What better reason to invest in the games of old? We grew up playing these games, it is easy to forget that feeling of adventure and challenge. Though, that challenge may be dampened by experience and knowledge, you can still go back to when you were a kid for a short time.


When we were younger, we didn’t always max out the Pokédex, catch all the forms of the unknown, or level up that Larvitar we got on Mt. Silver before we were defeated by Red and started a new game. Who wouldn’t love a chance to go back and actually accomplish the catching of the three legendary dogs, curing the sick Miltank, or catching a huge Magikarp? The completionist in you is taking the wheel, and we are along for the ride.

Maker Recognition

Let’s be frank, creators know when people buy their games. Their numbers reflect whether they should continue something, or move on to the next. There was such an uproar over Pokémon games like Red and Blue, Gold and Silver, that they remade them and enhanced them. They did this because they see the numbers of their old products going up, and they weren’t making profit from it. It is the same when they do make profit off of it. The more money they make will lead them into what the customer wants, and we want remakes. We want nostalgia and completion. Investing in the older games, directly affects the future games.

In short, with the release of Pokémon Crystal onto the digital world of downloads for the Nintendo 3DS, we find many reasons to invest in it. Tell us what you think, do you see yourself buying the digital version? What is your favorite vintage Pokémon game and why?