The Pokémon games offered something to the players that really set it aside from a portion of other games on the handheld system, continuous playability. Being able to consistently play the games with a different team, or change your team on the fly due to finding a Pokémon you want to use, offers an exciting feel that forces you to think. While you form the team that you want to challenge the Elite Four with, you are probably looking for the toughest Pokémon around. Well, we decided to help you with your search of strong Pokémon throughout the generations of Pokémon that don’t have to fully evolve to be power houses. Enjoy!

1. Trapinch

Trapinch makes this list due to its stats before evolving. With a base attack of 100 that actually drops when evolving into Flygon, Trapinch is a miniature powerhouse for lower levels on the team.

2. Scyther

This bug flying type is a sought-after Pokémon since gen 1. Its appeal is a combination of the typing, blades for arms, and stats. Scyther comes with a lot of lore from the manga and anime. However, in game Scyther is actually a standalone powerhouse making our list of toughest Pokémon.

Prior to evolving into Scizor, Scyther can really battle with the best of them. Out speeding the competition with a hard-hitting high attack stat, Scyther is the definition of toughest pre-evolved Pokémon.

3. Vigoroth

Of the evolution chain, Slaking is the toughest Pokémon, stat wise. However, honorable mentions go out to Vigoroth for being a pre-evolved Pokémon that you can use in a final Pokémon team without it losing usefulness. One of the reasons Vigoroth is so good is that his special ability changes between its pre-evolved and final evolved form. From attacking every turn to preventing sleep, this Pokémon sits on high attack and great defense.

4. Porygon

Porygon is one of those Pokémon you don’t realize you want until you have it. Putting aside the fact that this Pokémon has an amazing special attack stat, you also have the ability to change your typing to give you a STAB on some of the better attacks offered, while offering you an amazing defense.


5. Pikachu

Yes, Pikachu has been overpowered since gen 1. In fact, many didn’t want to change the mascot into the arguably weaker evolved form Raichu. With a high-speed and one of the highest special attacks, this electric mouse offers more than a pretty face to the Pokémon brand. It provides a devastating force to be reckoned with. Almost everyone has had a Pikachu on their team and many people swear by their trusty electric powerhouse.

Honorable mentions

We want to give an honorable mention to Chansey. This Pokémon has been sought after as one of the rarest Pokémon since gen 1. Also, the hardest Pokémon to catch. Offering the ability to heal itself and party members, Chansey sits firm as our honorable mention.

This list is based on the stats of these pre-evolved forms. There are other strong un-evolved Pokémon throughout the series, but these 5 were (in our opinion) the toughest Pokémon that deserved a mention.

Who do you think holds the title of toughest pre-evolved Pokémon? Let us know below!