What Happen to the Buddy System

It was expected the Buddy System update would be released on September 5th or 6th, but it is already September 10th and still no signs of the newest update. This has many players upset as they expected the update by now, but the question is, how much longer?

Niantic announced the Buddy System was just around the corner, but did not say an exact date. It was assumed they would be sticking to what appeared as a bi-weekly update, but it has been right around two weeks since the previous update, and soon that will be past.

As the week is nearly at the end, Niantic still has not released any news in regards to the Pokemon GO Buddy System update – at the time of writing.

Patience Trainers

The only thing we can really do is sit back (or walk around) and have patience. However, there are rumors floating around as to what’s going on, naturally.

One of those rumors is that Niantic was being pressured to provide news on an update and simply gave a sneak-peak of the Buddy System. This could be true due to the game’s source code ‘hints’ being leaked.

This could have led to Niantic wanting to end the speculation and announce the news, officially. But, still needing time to actually implement without error because of how successful it is, and the issues already experienced.

Keep Looking

For now, all we know is the update should be soon. With Apple’s latest event being finished, Niantic may be able to focus all their staff on getting the Buddy System launched.


What are your thoughts on why the Buddy System has not been released yet? Was Niantic’s staff kidnapped by aliens? Share your reasons in the comments below, how creative can you be with coming up with an explanation?


Thanks to one of our readers, it has been brought to our attention that Pokemon GO’s Facebook page posted made an announcement shortly after writing this. Perhaps we will see the update by tomorrow. We will continue to keep tabs.