After Last Pokemon Go Update You Can't Catch 'Em All

UPDATE: Niantic just released Pokemon GO update with a new “Nearby” tracker.

If you have updated to the latest version of Pokemon GO, you may have noticed a few changes. One of these changes has been annoying people more than the footsteps being removed.

This update suddenly made Pokemon much harder to capture. They move and jump over the Pokeballs, and dodge them more often than before. Then, if you do manage to get it to go into the Pokeball, there is a much higher rate of unsuccessful catches, with Pokemon busting to freedom and running off.

To add to this, even the weakest Pokemon such as Ratata and Pidgey have become a challenge to catch, even the weaker Weedle that people start out practicing with. But, with an update from Niantic, it is obvious they know about the issue and stated they are working on a fix that will be in the next update. They released the following Tweet on the 4th:

However, there is not any mention of when we can expect this update to be released, but on the bright side, we can feel better knowing this level of difficulty is not what they intended.

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