Pokemon GO Servers Brought Down Hackers

The Pokemon GO servers were hacked within just two weeks of being released on July 5th, 2016. On July 16th, the servers had been taken offline on the Saturday morning, being down for many hours. This occurred just after it was released to more than two dozen countries worldwide.

A group of hackers has taken responsibility for the server’s outage, which was acknowledged late that morning on Pokemon GO’s official Twitter account.

Niantic Labs stated they were working to fix the issue with servers, and thanked all the trainers for their patience, and updates would follow.

Around the start of the outage, a group of hackers claimed they were the reason for servers being down.

It was announced by Niantic Labs that the popular game had been released at that time in 26 various European nations. This was just a few hours prior to the outage.

A server log-in is required for playing Pokemon GO, so you can’t access the game without it. Sadly, the server capacity caused delays in the game being released globally once the U.S., New Zealand, and Australia release skyrocketed to the #1 download of a mobile game in history, overnight!