Pokémon GO has plenty of glitches and bugs, and Niantic has been working hard to find solutions to improve your Pokémon catching experience.

Below are some of the best fixes for some of the Pokémon GO glitches that have been found. The list will keep growing, so keep checking in for new helpful hints.

#1. How to fix Pokémon GO lock-up glitch on iOS

Pokemon Go, how to fix lock up glitch on iOS

Sadly, Pokémon GO tends to freeze up a lot, but if you are playing on an iPhone, then turning off the LTE will help out. In order to disable the LTE on an iPhone, simply go to Settings, then select Cellular and then select Cellular Data and turn off the LTE. Make Pikachu happy!

Most common lock-ups in Pokémon GO appear to be reduced by disabling this option.

#2. How to fix location hopping glitch in Pokémon GO for Android

Pokemon Go location hopping glitch, multiple pikachu

If your Pokémon GO trainer is just popping up all over your map, then you may need to activate your GPS. If you are using Android, then your GPS could be disabled by default.

You can manually activate your GPS in settings, where you will have more precise location finding, but you may experience your battery draining fast. Android phones vary, but the setting is most likely in your Location or Privacy settings and may be called High Accuracy Location or GPS.

#3. How to fix Pokémon GO disappearing items glitch on iOS and Android

Pokemon Go missing item glitch fix

There are times when items that you have purchased or found in the game fail to register in your inventory. Having lost items sucks, right?

If you encountered this Pokémon GO glitch, often completely logging out followed by logging in will fix this.

There is another likely Pokémon GO glitch you might face: sometimes the app will state that certain items aren’t available in your country. If this happens, then just check your Google Wallet or purchase settings to ensure that your information is updated.

#4. How to fix Pokémon GO battery drain issue on Android and iOS

Pokemon Go battery drain issue solution
Source photo by oakandpine

That’s right, in addition to numerous other Pokémon GO glitches, this game will eat your battery.

But, don’t be frustrated yet! You can fix this issue partly by downloading Google Maps of your local areas. Pokémon GO won’t need to stay in contact with mapping servers, you will be able to save power and then make your experience that much better and more stable.

In order to fix Pokémon GO battery drain issues, you need to download Google Maps from the App Store or Google Play. In your app settings, you will need to find Offline Maps and then add what area you are in.

It is really worth noting that Google engineers have stated that this doesn’t work, but most users reduced their battery consumption after saving their maps for offline use.

You can also use a low battery mode, but when you are playing in this mode, it seems to bring some lock-up issues.

#5. Solution for iPhone 4s unable to start Pokémon GO and log in

Pokemon Go iPhone 4s can't start pikachu sleeping

Now, this isn’t exactly one of the Pokémon GO glitches, but we decided to include it in this guide because it may be helpful for our readers that have older devices, who are nevertheless desperate to play a ridiculously popular game. 🙂

Even though Pokémon GO is only officially supported on the iPhone 5 and newer, the older iPhones may still be able to download and attempt to run the app.

If you are having issues with the loading screen giving you an error message that you are unable to log in, then try to double tap the home button and close the app fully. Turn on airplane mode and then start the app again. Whenever you see a red bar that says no internet connection, press the home button and turn the airplane mode off.

Starting the app again will let you play normally. But, if the game freezes or crashes for any reason, then you will have to do those steps again.

#6. Holy Land for Pokémon GO in… Sokcho, South Korea

That’s one of those rare Pokémon Go glitches you can’t actually fix. But, why would you do that? It’s awesome! Check it out:

Pokemon Go Sokcho, South Korea Google Maps restrictions
Source photo by The Verge

You can see the map of South Korea here, but what is it about? The interesting thing is, Google Maps isn’t allowed to work in the areas marked in yellow, which means you can’t play your favorite mobile game there.

But worry not! Because Google Map, and thus we, still have that piece of South Korea circled with purple in the north portion of the map. It’s the best (or better say the only?) place in the country to hunt for Pokémon.

Due to Google Maps limits in South Korea, it’s no wonder that the beach town called Sokcho is crawling with Pokémon. Innumerable South Korean users want to play Pokémon GO, and how can they play if the maps don’t work?

But, they found a simple solution: travel to Sokcho and get ready for some serious Pokémon fun! They say travel sites struck gold with their shuttle bus offers and discounted prices for popular hotels. Bus tickets there are constantly sold out.

Incredible, isn’t it? How Google Maps restrictions can turn a town no one heard about into a mecca for tourists. And that, my friends, is real Pokémon GO magic!

Looking for Pokémon Go updates on Android and iOS

Pokemon Go updates, happy pikachu

The good thing about Pokémon GO is that it is rolling out updates all the time, so keep your software updated. That is the best way to stabilize and improve your app. And who knows, maybe you won’t ever face those pesky Pokémon GO glitches and instead will be able to enjoy hunting!

Final act of desperation for iOS and Android

If all else fails, then turn the app off and then turn it back on. This fixes most freezes. Other times shutting your devices off and turning it back on may be needed.

Do you face other issues in Pokémon GO?

In this guide, we tried to cover all the major issues with Pokémon GO, like bugs, glitches, and freezes players face when playing Pokémon GO actively. We offered some tips on how to fix these and enjoy catching Pokémon.

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